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Kind of Spring

Today is the first day of spring. I usually associate spring with new beginnings, i.e. additions like babies, flowers in gardens, more light. This year, spring coincides with a pandemic that is stripping away so much of what we know and love. A harsh change certainly creates new beginnings, but it isn't exactly what I had in mind. We're all in the midst of letting go, or being forced to let go, of so much in our lives: routine, connection, health, time, work, livelihood, and sometimes loved ones. We're bidding farewell to plans, what might have been, and excitement. Traveling, gathering in beloved spaces, learning in community...the list goes on. I recently learned that my Great British Baking Class at...

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Breaking for Pi(e) Day

Most years, Pi(e) Day is a cutesy celebration for bakers, pie consumers, and math enthusiasts. On 3.14, we're reminded of middle school math formulas, and we find inspiration in baking and eating pi's sweeter homophone to mark the occasion. This year, the all-consuming buzz of COVID-19 has dimmed the delights of Pi(e) Day. The world has shifted significantly in the last 72 hours. Just one week ago, Justin and I were diligently decorating M's 3rd birthday cake with M&M's. Today, we're struggling to restock baby wipes because stores are cleaned out--along with toilet paper, macaroni and cheese, and canned vegetables.   The fear and uncertainty of COVID-19 is omnipresent. At my work, all in-person gatherings have been suspended, and my team and I...

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Ready, Set, BAKE!

The PCC Community Education class schedule is LIVE today! Check out the hundreds of classes you can take to explore new hobbies and feed your latest curiosity, including a Great British Bake-off inspired class, taught by yours truly. :) Catalogues should be filling Portland-area mailboxes in the coming weeks. Registration opens March 4. Hope to see you in class! Ready, Set, BAKE! Elizebett    

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