Upcoming Baking Classes

Great British Baking Class: Free-From Desserts. Expand your knowledge of baking desserts through GBBO-inspired challenges! LIVE and ONLINE through Portland Community College. Starting Tuesdays, October 19. More information HERE. Register HERE.

Bilingual Baking Books for Kids

Baking ABC - English / Portuguese and Contar Numa Cozinha Portuguesa | Counting in a Portuguese Kitchen help the littles in your life learn the alphabet, jumpstart multilingual learning, and ignite a love of baking (without a messy kitchen!). Great gifts for holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions. Author and Emmy-nominated host, Maria Lawton the Azorean Greenbean said Baking ABC is "a winner."

Get Baking ABC and Contar Numa Cozinha Portuguesa today! FREE SHIPPING available on qualifying orders.

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Books. Classes. Life.

Baking Inspired

Books. Classes. Life.

Baking Inspired

BettBakes Beginnings


A special thank you to the people in my life who have supported me in making BettBakes a reality: my husband Justin, my mãe Maria, my cousin Nancy, and my family and friends who have offered encouragement or purchased books.

I also want to acknowledge the community-minded people and businesses who have uplifted, promoted, or supported my one-woman operation. An asterisk (*) designates a BettBakes distributor: Azorean Green Bean - Maria Lawton | LiveLuso | PALCUS | Portugalia Marketplace* | Tribuna Portuguesa