Portuguese Children's Book about Baking

Baking ABC - English / Portuguese is a 14-page full-color board book that introduces readers to the alphabet, baking terms, and the flavors and food of the Azores Islands and Portugal. 


Why a Portuguese children's book? 

Studies have shown that Portuguese youth have looser ties to their heritage and language than their parents or grandparents. Baking ABC offers families the opportunity to learn and reinforce Portuguese words with younger generations within homes that are increasingly becoming English-dominant.

Is this book for me?

Baking ABC is perfect for anyone who wants to bring more bilingual titles into their household, school, and community.

  • Families...experience the joy of reading and learning a language together

  • Bakers...ignite your child's interest in baking at a young age without the mess

  • People with Portuguese roots...reacquaint yourself with the language of your ancestors and family

  • Students of Portuguese...expand your vocabulary with this simple and engaging format

Few bilingual children's books are published in European Portuguese, and books like Baking ABC are hard to find. Definitely a treasure for your library!

What if I'm not Portuguese?

Baking ABC is great for anyone looking to learn Portuguese, regardless of your background. Numerous studies have shown benefits of learning a second language (or third or fourth!), including improvements in memory and critical thinking. Baking ABC is a great start, especially for kids ages 0-5.

With its focus on baking, this book is also a fun way to ignite your child's interest in baking (without the mess!).

How is this book different from other Portuguese children's books in the U.S.?

Very few bilingual children's books in the United States are published in Continental / European Portuguese. Most are printed in Brazilian Portuguese. While there are similarities between Brazilian and European Portuguese, there are differences in intonation, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. 

Baking ABC is written to appeal to learners of Continental / European Portuguese. In Baking ABC, every Portuguese word is followed by a transliteration guide to help with pronunciation.

How did this book come to be?

Elizebett was born in the United States to immigrants from Terceira Island in the Azores. Soon after becoming a mom, she wanted to strengthen her family’s connection to their roots by reading bilingual books together, but she struggled to find many options written in European Portuguese. Elizebett decided to write Baking ABC for her two-year-old, M, to combine learning Portuguese with their shared love of baking. Now she hopes more families and learners will delight in reading this unique book, too!

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