New Bilingual Children's Book about Baking

I’m excited to announce the publication of my second children’s book: Contar Numa Cozinha Portuguesa | Counting in a Portuguese Kitchen! Designed by the talented Justin Eslinger, this 40-page full-color book introduces readers to counting, Portuguese baking, and the flavors and food of the Azores Islands and Portugal.

Contar Numa Cozinha Portuguesa | Counting in a Portuguese Kitchen

Soon after I became a mom, I wanted to read bilingual books with Maraine, but I struggled to find many options in the U.S. written in European Portuguese. I also wanted us to experience the joy of reading, baking, and learning the language together. When I couldn’t find a bilingual book with a baking theme, I decided to write that book for M, and Baking ABC - English Portuguese was published in 2020. 

After printing Baking ABC, I started receiving requests for more children’s books about baking, and that's what spurred this next book: Contar Numa Cozinha Portuguesa | Counting in a Portuguese Kitchen. It's a lovely combination of language learning, counting, and baking.

Both of these books have been a labor of love, and I'm so excited to share them more broadly. They are perfect for anyone with Portuguese roots, an interest in reinforcing or learning the language, or a fondness for baking. Few bilingual children's books in the United States are published in European Portuguese, and books like Contar Numa Cozinha Portuguesa and Baking ABC are hard to find. More information about these unique publications can be found at

Baking ABC - English Portuguese and Contar Numa Cozinha Portuguesa | Counting in a Portuguese Kitchen are available for purchase here


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