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Bilingual Portuguese Children's Book Baking ABC

Elizebett Rocha Bento Eslinger

Baking ABC - English / Portuguese

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Baking ABC - English / Portuguese is a bilingual children's book that teaches the Portuguese language. With a focus on baking, this 14-page, full-color board book introduces readers to the alphabet, Portuguese baking terms, and the flavors and food of the Azores Islands and Portugal.


Praise for Baking ABC:

*Recognized in Tribuna Portuguesa's "The Best of 2020": Honorary Mention for Book of the Year.

*Here's what Maria Lawton (aka the Azorean Greenbean, author of Azorean Cooking: My Family Table to Yours, and Emmy-nominated host of Maria's Portuguese Table) had to say about Baking ABC:

"I bought this for my granddaughter and I, so one day when we are baking together, we can go through our ABCs of baking in English and Portuguese."
"Anytime I pick up something like this and it’s a winner, I always like to make sure that I share it...but I wanted to especially share this because I am completely in love with it."
"It's a winner."

Watch Maria Lawton's full review on Instagram.


Book Details:

  • Type: Board Book

  • Pages: 14 full-color pages

  • Size: 7.5" x 5.625" x 0.5"

  • Content: Each letter from the English alphabet includes a photo, English and Portuguese words, and Portuguese transliteration (i.e. pronunciation) 

  • Printed in the USA

Read Baking ABC FAQs here.

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