Virtual Trek: Idaho Potato Chip Cookies

This week my Virtual Trek brought me to Sage Junction in Eastern Idaho. That's 582 miles into my journey, with about 80 miles until I reach the Wyoming border.

Virtual Trek

As I prepare to say farewell to Idaho in this Virtual Trek, I decided to bake an Idaho-inspired cookie recipe (I also needed a break from the mass of pies I've been baking in preparation for my pie baking classes with Portland Community College this fall).

When I found potato chip cookie recipes honoring the Idaho spud, I knew I couldn't resist. I mean, who wouldn't want to see the final result of crushing half a pound of potato chips into a cookie recipe? My curiosity had to be satiated.

I was surprisingly delighted by the cookie's texture and sweet-meets-salty flavor. Pretty darn good and nothing like anything I'd had before. However, I definitely can't devour too many of these in one sitting. Ooof. I'll be shipping many to loved ones in care packages. <3

Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you're curious to try a potato chip cookie recipe yourself, here are a few versions: 

After reading through many recipes, I baked a variation of a chocolate chip cookie recipe, where I added half a pound of crushed potato chips (for real!).

Happy baking! Off to increase my step count...

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