Virtual Azores Trek

I am challenging myself to virtually walk to Altares, Terceira, my mom's birthplace. That's 4,604 miles across the United States and over the Atlantic Ocean.

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I've plotted my trip by land, and I've done some calculations, including how long it might take me to step my way to Terceira. I hope to consistently be in the 10,000-15,000 daily step range.

 Avg Steps/Day Years to Reach Altares
10,000 3.15
15,000 2.10
20,000 1.58


The virtual trek challenge has definitely been born out of this unprecedented time. Therefore, I'm going to start counting my steps when I began working remotely due to CV-19. I've worn a FitBit for years, so I have the data (I've been averaging about 9,000 steps per day). Since March 13, I've already logged 511 miles, which coincidentally puts me in Idaho close to where I grew up.

My hope is to give updates on my progress along the way. I also hope when I reach the end of my virtual trek, we will be in a post-covid world. Then, I can plan a real trip to the Azores and introduce my daughter to this beautiful place that feels like home in my heart.

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