1-on-1 Baking Demonstration
1-on-1 Baking Demonstration
1-on-1 Baking Demonstration
1-on-1 Baking Demonstration


1-on-1 Baking Demonstration

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Are you looking for support with your baking? Do you have questions about how to perfect a particular recipe or baking genre? Do you want to become a better baker? Whether you’re new to baking or a seasoned home baker, 1-on-1 demonstration sessions can support your baking goals!
1-on-1 Demonstration Session is a fantastic option for anyone looking for individualized and "hands-on" baking support outside of a classroom setting.
During our scheduled time, I demonstrate part of a recipe, or I bake along with you. In a session, we might cover one or more of the following:
  • Recreating a lost or favorite family dessert
  • Baking a specific recipe
  • Working on baking technique(s)
  • Answering and demonstrating your baking-related question(s)
Here are some examples of the types of recipes I've demonstrated: cakes, pies, desserts, sweet rolls and enriched breads, cookies, brownies and bars, traybakes, tarts, muffins, and quick breads. 
Some logistics: 
  • Each 1-on-1 Demonstration Session is 50 minutes and occurs on Google Meet.
  • For any session, you are responsible for acquiring the supplies or ingredients you need to bake any recipe(s). 
  • Because most recipes can take longer than 50 minutes to make (e.g. mixing, baking, cooling, etc.), we may not complete an entire recipe together. You/I may need to prepare some stages ahead of time, depending on your goals for the session. 
  • Sessions must be scheduled within 90 days of payment, unless arrangements have been made and agreed to in writing with BettBakes.
  • Once paid in full, you will receive an email with information on how to schedule your session.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the BettBakes Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing a 1-on-1 Baking Session. Sessions are not refundable.

1-on-1 Baking Sessions make great gifts!

It's easy to gift a 1-on-1 Baking Session to your friends and loved ones! When checking out, include a note in the "Special Instructions" box with the recipient's name and the date they will receive the gift. I will send you a separate follow-up email with an electronic gift voucher that you can print or email to the recipient.

If you're unsure whether your request is a match for what I can offer, please email me at bettbakes@gmail.com before purchasing.

I look forward to baking with you!