Baking Brief: Bake-Off Online #2

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Bake cookies in honor of a loved one 

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For the purposes of this challenge, the definition of a cookie is: a baked or cooked food that is small, sweet, and often flat. Examples include (but are not limited to): snickerdoodles, macaroons, macarons, chocolate chip cookies, ginger snaps, sugar cookies, etc.

With Mother's Day on May 10, I thought this could be a nice week to honor the lovely people in our lives: mom, a mama-figure, a cool friend, or just someone special. Let's bake a little love this week! 

Instructions: How to Participate

Will you be Stellar Baker? This bake-off is for anyone that wants to participate in a laid-back, good-natured, fun, and supportive baking challenge. 

1) By 5pm Sunday, May 10:
  • complete the brief
  • post 1 picture of your bake on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, along with
    • max 20-word description (or poem!) about your bake
    • mention or tag @bettbakes in your post
    • include #baking and #bakeonline2 in your post
2) The winner will be announced in a live event on Sunday, May 10 at 8pm Pacific Time (@bettbakes on Facebook and Instagram). A special guest will help me review the submissions during the live event and decide on a winner.

3) A photo of the winning bake will be posted after the live event. In addition to earning bragging rights, the winner will be awarded the title of "Stellar Baker." 

Ready, set...bake!

Background: About the Brief

This brief draws inspiration from the signature challenge in Series 1, Episode 2 of the Great British Bake-Off, "Biscuits." According to Wikipedia, the bakers had to make "personality biscuits." Netflix doesn't stream Series 1 (or 2) of the Bake-off, so I wasn't entirely sure what this meant the first time I took on the challenge. I assumed it meant to bake something reflective of my personality.

Instead, this first time I attempted this challenge, I asked my friends and family to tell me their personality cookie, which I then baked and mailed to them. In this age of COVID-19, I've felt unsure about mailing out home-baked goodies, and I definitely miss connecting with extended family and loved ones through baking. 

For this Bake-Off Online, I decided to expand the brief to be "in honor of" and allow each baker to decide how they want to pay tribute to someone.

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